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LVMENG auto filters are manufactured by strict quality standards. Design specifications are maintained through extensive testing and inspection programs. Our in-house quality system ensures consistent product performance and is supported by our comprehensive product warranty. At LVMENG, we have oil, fuel, air, fuel and heavy-duty filters available.

  • Oil Filter

    Oil is essential to the function of an engine, which makes the oil filter an important component to sustain. The efficiency of the oil filter becomes even more important in harsh, heavy-duty environments, because of the intensity of climate fluctuations. With all the complex components that make up an oil filter, investing in a premium filter will be well worth the cost.

  • Fuel Filter

    The fuel filter often goes overlooked. However, a dirty fuel filter can be one of the main causes of engine deterioration and malfunction. More often than not, fuel contains contaminants such as dirt, rust, scale and water, which can plug up fuel injectors and carburetors.

  • Air Filter

    Dirt and dust particles get into everything and can tarnish even heavy duty machines if it starts to accumulate too much. Because of the sandpaper-like nature of dust, it can quickly ruin any engine. In order to keep the air filters in shape, replace them before they get too blemished. An air filter is critical to the engine’s longevity and if taken care of properly.

  • Cabin Filter

    Cabin air filters help to protect the health by improving the quality of the air you breathe in the vehicle. With increases in traffic congestion and longer commuting distances people spend more time in the vehicles than ever. These filters trap a broad range of microscopic particles, harmful gases, and unpleasant odors. Regularly replacing the cabin air filter can offer relief for asthma, allergies and hay fever sufferers. They also help to protect the performance of the air conditioning system

  • In-Tank Fuel Filter

  • Heavy Duty Filters

    The heavy duty filters are constructed with specially blended filter media for optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum protection for the engine away from harmful airborne contaminants. Available in a broad range of sizes for virtually all applications, Lvmeng heavy duty filters' advanced features ensure original equipment replacement fit, function and performance.

    To learn more about our full line of filters, click here to send us an email or call our 24/7 service center at (+86) 0769-88512982.